Does it have to be over or is there a chance?

My ex and I dated for only three months. I broke things off because I knew we wouldn't see each other much over the Summer. Now we're back in school and I see him all the time. The only problem is he's still mad about the breakup. Every attempt I make to talk to him he always says the worst things to me. It may be bad, but I miss him. Is there anything I can do to get us talking again?


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  • let him cool down first by give him some space and time to think about the break up
    I don't know the whole story but if he's mad that much that mean something really bad happen
    for now just keep a distance from him
    my personal advice don't try to bring him back

    • I just expected that after four months since our break up he would be over it. Things didn't end badly, but it wasn't mutual.

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  • Not really. You broke up with him. You hurt him. He's going to be annoyed at that. I don't see why you'd expect him to just take you back when YOU'RE ready.

    Girls like you need to understand that you can't just put a guy down like he's a toy you got tired of, and expect him to be there months from now when you want to pick him up again.

    It doesn't work like that.


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  • He doesn't trust you. The only reason to end things over a vacation or a school break is so that you don't feel obligated to call them, or so that you can see other people.

    • It was more because he kept saying how busy he would be. He gave off the impression that there wouldn't be enough time for me. I was just the one who finally said lets take a break.

    • Well either way, he's punishing you, that's obvious. If he's the one who pushed you away, then he's dealing you a double standard, and that's not fair. There's a lack of trust here, or something sketchy. Let him go, this doesn't sound like a healthy relationship.