What kind of girl do you think is the best type for me?

Hey everyone, I just joined here.

So, I know I'm still quite young, however, I've been in 2 relationships, and neither worked out for me very well. I'm quite introverted, and lack confidence (never had my first kiss during those two relationships). It's hard for me to express myself to a partner during a relationship, and I hardly make any "first moves." I have quite a lot of emotional depth for a guy, and I'm easily hurt if someone doesn't understand that. I'm also very critical of myself with whatever mistakes I make in life, including in relationships. I'm also quite a homebody, I don't often go to social events.

Also, I don't have the best looks by far. I'm a computer nerd, I don't work out often, however, I hope that my personality can help make up for it. Inside of myself, I want to be a very sweet, caring guy that connects deeply with a partner. Just I find it difficult to express myself.

So, my question is, do you think there is any type of girl that is suitable for someone like me?


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  • Of course there is! I am a pretty introvert person though I do have a bit of extrovert. I am a lot like you. I blame myself for mistakes in my life and I want to connect deeply with someone. Don't worry. .. she's out there


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  • the type of girl that is willing to have sex with you