Why do no guys ask me out?

So I'm in highschool still but I've never had the whole dating thing that literally EVERY person in my school has experienced. I'm tall (like 5' 10"), curvy, friendly, and others say I'm loud. I get its highschool but its kind of discouraging and a blow to the ego when no male shows any sign of attraction... Like not even flirting. Any advice


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  • Being tall could put you at a disadvantage, because you'll be dealing with little boys who don't have much as far as balls and confidence. When they grow up, your height won't be such a problem to them. For now, it's probably excluded more than 50% of those boys.

    You can win if you get things like body language and eye contact right. This is worth reading, and cheap enough www.amazon.com/Superdate-Tracey-Cox/dp/0756607558
    You'll learn the basics fast, if you read that.


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  • High school guys suck !! Lol
    They're too shy and unexperienced.
    You have no choice but to wait till university. Then you will have a hard time choosing between the guys trying to take you out and then to bed !!! Lol
    Be patient.

  • Its just because you're in high school. If you decide to join the work force you'll have man-poon flyin at you from all directions lol.

  • Probably they are too shy. You can ask them out lol BTW, I got my first date at 24... because I was too shy at high school age


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