I sat next to a pretty girl today in class. :3?

I didn't really get to introduce myself but I saw her name on her computer during class. We talked about the work and I helped her a little when she had computer problems. How can I properly introduce myself and get us to talk more?

[I really like her accent]


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  • Take things day by day and get to know her, see how it all works out


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  • First thing you do is stop using emoticons altogether. Men don't use smiley faces when they have to text. It may be socially acceptable for a males to be "metrosexual", wear Ugg boots, and turn half of their written communication into inscrutable acronyms and emoticons. But men don't do that.

    Just say hi and tell her your name. Literally "Hi, I'm ___". And after you've been talking for a little bit, tell her that you like her accent, seriously it's not that hard.

    • YES! Downvote me for telling you to grow some balls! Show me the full wrath of your scorn.

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    • Afraid to do? Just to be clear, I don't do those things because they're impractical, a waste of time, or are a factor in what is continuing to turn men into shadows of what our grandparents were because we would rather hurt our bodies than hurt our feelings.

      It may be "ok" to go for a manipeti with your girlfriend and have some sort of "couple's day of beauty", but Clint Eastwood doesn't moisturize.

    • I downvote you... :-P

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