It is unhealthy for someone to stop dating?

I'm not saying I am giving up completely. If I happen to meet a guy and we connect, of course I'd give him a chance and see what happens. I'm just not actively dating at the moment. I'm just focusing on other things at the moment. I'll worry about dating later.

Everyone tells me I need to be out dating because at my age it's unhealthy to not be. I've got people on my case going on about how terrible it is. They can't give me a real reason other then: "It's tterrible and unhealthy get out there."


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  • Do what you want. I've stopped dating, just because all the good girls I come across are already taken. So it's not by choice!

  • After being single for fifteen years I can confidently say it isn't unhealthy, but it is definitely difficult to get back into dating after being single for so long.

  • I thought it was healthier to focus on yourself before you start dating again.


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