How to ask a guy out (who is also a coworker)?

I am having trouble asking a guy out. I really like him and unfortunately (because I've been told dating coworkers is bad) he works with me. I really think he likes me back as well, but I could be way off. There are a lot of signs. He just hasn't asked me to hang out (he did once but he got scheduled to work as did I). I'm having a hard time figuring out how to ask him with out A) Sounding desperate B) being so obvious that I like him C) not make him uncomfortable and the most important reason... Fear of rejection. I'm sure that had he not been my co worker, I would've had the ovaries to ask him out even with the chance of rejection. But being that I see him a lot... It would be embarrassing (and yes, I understand the consequences of trying to date co workers. Also, my jobs guidelines say nothing about dating co workers or anything, but I could see how it could potentially be a problem, which is why I say that I am aware) so if you guys could help me out and suggest subtle friendly ways of asking him out... HELP!


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  • Just be yourself stay calm and don't freak out and ask him, if he's the type who likes alcohol ask him if wants to get a drink after work, if not figure out something he likes or just ask him if wants to hang out. The worst answer is no, but don't come off to creepy just be friendly about it and if you guys go out and have a good time then maybe y'all could do it again just don't jump on it