Would I guy date me even tho I dont have abs?

Well im 14 and I've tried and tried to get abs, But i just cant. I've lost 30 pounds but now i want to tone up my body. I feel like guys won't date me unless I have abs? Is this true or am I overreacring.


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  • Abs are made 90% in the kitchen, not in the weight room.

    And they take time. Lots of time. Plus you're really young. You cannot expect to have muscles like the 25 year old guys you see on tv at 14. Realistically. Some 14 year olds do, yes, but not the vast majority.


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  • Abs don't come over night. You have to eat lean and clean as well as work your abs out with weight. Not just against your own bodies weight. Also, you're still a young kid. If you're doing allnof this and you don't have abs by the time you are 19, feel free to worry.


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