Why do women think men should "never" question if their child is biologically his or not? Men! Use your brain! Don't fall for this!?

Nowadays girlfriends and wives cheat just as much as boyfriends and husbands do. Women love coming off as if they should NEVER be questioned on certain topics and that they should be trusted at all times. They love making statements in an angry or sad voice to get the men off the scent trail by saying things like:

-How dare you doubt and question me?

-If you loved me you would never question me?

-You think I'm a wh@re?

To all you men. Nature blessed you with a power brain to look beyond your emotions and see all situations in a logical and strategic way. Use that power. If you have any doubt the kid is biologically yours or not, you need to ask the mother for the truth.

BUT LETS TAKE THIS FARTHER: If you do ask the woman you're with if the baby is biologically yours, and if she knows its not your baby, and IF SHE KNOW YOU'RE THE BEST OPTION" to raised the child that's not yours, she will lie and tell you the baby is yours.

So whats the solutions? Easy. Use your logic and strategy. Use your damn logical brain! Use your damn logical brain! Use your damn logical brain! Go get a paternity test on the kid before you sign the kid birth certificate. Because in many states if you do sign that birth certificate, will be paying for a child for the next 18 years that's not biologically yours.

Never trust women's words. When women are in doubt about something regarding the man they are with they always ask him questions. Men should also ask women questions also when they are in doubt about her no matter how painful the question may be. Especially when it comes to a newborn.


Don't learn the hard way.

Note: I have no kids.


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  • I get where your coming from... Which it's great if the girl did step out... But for the ones who haven't they find it very offensive... I do have a son. My sons dad never questioned my son being his the only person he said anything to was the girl he cheated on me with lying and saying he found out our son wasn't his... to keep her. If he ever did ask for one I would laugh in his face and gladly do it just to prove it

    • @ Rcjh1987. I understand your point that the woman would take offense that I asked her the question and after a paternity the results showed that the baby was mine. I would admit to her that I was very wrong about her and apologies. Of course the possibility of me being stuck with unknowingly raising a kid that's not mine vastly outweigh and is more devastating then the possibility of her getting extremely pissed off at me for asking if the baby is mine or not. The best bet for me would be always to ask the question and match her answer with a paternity test.

    • I understand and I'm not sure where you are from but most places here in the United States require them through court if your going through child support.. Etc... I didn't because they said he signed the birth certificate... But I get there's girls who try to trap guys by getting pregnant.. But I also have seen guys do it too.. Not as often... But still. I'm not saying you are wrong by any means.

    • Thank you for mh..

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  • It can be pretty offensive if she's not the type of female to sleep around and/or if she's been exceedingly loyal and faithful towards you. In those cases, it's a smack in the face. The guy is subliminally saying that he'll stick his d*ck in her and let her give him orgasms but if a situation comes up where she needs him to have her back, he's going to try and get out of it. Not cool.

    On the other hand, if it's a casual relationship or the female is known to sleep around and have various partners then this is completely and entirely necessary.

  • Have you tried looking at it from both sites instead of being so judgmental?

    I get every man who wants to be sure that his children are actually his. But I also get every woman who is offended and hurt when her partner asks for a paternity test.
    It's basically saying "honey, I'm not 100% you're faithful, so I want a test" and that is a valid concern, considering all responsibilities legal fatherhood comes with. But it is also an accusation, there is no way to sugar coat that.
    A lot of women are especially emotionally vulnerable after giving birth, so out of all times you could question her loyalty, that's the worst.
    If you want a test you should ask for it well before giving birth. Before getting her pregnant actually and when the baby is there, do it quietly

    • Perhaps the state mandating it would go a long way to ease the accusation.

    • @Bluemax ya maybe so. I would have no issue with that law on a conceptual level, but laws also need to be reasonable economically. The big question is, who's gonna pay for it? They cost 400$ to 4000$ depending on what level of accuracy the state would demand. Clearly not money every couple can spare. So who is going to pay for it? The state? There are over 4 million babies born in the U. S. every year. You do the math.
      I think we have more pressing issues, not to mention that it would be terribly ineffective as most of them would turn out positive and not change anything.
      And if they turn out negative? By the sheer numbers of tests it's unavoidable there r administrative errors. So does the state pay for a second and third test? And what happens if they find out the test was inaccurate years later, who is liable for the damages? Also the state?
      Think this through a bit more

  • I think you are a jerk, but I do think that paternity tests should be mandatory to remove the awkwardness and potential paternity issues.

    • @ MaskofInsanity. I may be a jerk towards women sometimes, but I'll NEVER be a fool towards women. I NEVER overderestimate or underestimate WOMEN. I'm extremely clear on how women operate and think.

    • Yes yes you're a genius.

    • "but I do think that paternity tests should be mandatory to remove the awkwardness and potential paternity issues. "

      There speaks a wise woman.

  • If you don't think she's cheating then why not claim the baby?

    Also men have a tendency to be completely happy and then when a baby is mentioned they start acting retarded.

    • I hate to say it, but typically, unless the couple was actually trying to concieve no man wants to "claim a baby". : / There are man who will step up to the responsibility because they chose to plant their seed. However, claiming a baby is a lifelong commitment where your lifestyle must totally and completely shift. Every penny you earn is contributed towards supporting another human life. Many men, and many women who choose abortion, don't want to claim that reality.

  • I'm sorry that you've had such bad experiences with women. While there are some like this not all of us are.

  • Should have never had sex with her anyways if you suspected she was a skank, then you would be out of the baby daddy running.
    I watch shows and I noticed that men who are not ready to have a baby use that excuse. It's sad really

    • Or they say I'm sterile

    • It is sad, I agree. It is also sad that a woman would want to have a baby with a man who was not ready to have one.

    • You say that as though she were intentionally trying to get pregnant. Knowing that, why would you sleep with her?

  • I think it depends on the type of character of the woman. If she seems very promiscuous & he has doubts that she is faithful, I would understand him wanting a paternity test. If they are in a committed relationship, & she has shown no sign of cheating & seems like a great woman, then I don't know why he would question her. I'm abstinent & only planning on having sex with my husband, so I would be shocked if I got pregnant & my husband wanted a paternity test. I want to give my virginity to my husband as a gift, & would hope he appreciates that & knows by my actions that I'm a faithful girl. His questioning of me, would be hurtful.

  • How would you feel if your girlfriend accused you of cheating out of nowhere?

    This is an issue on trust. Why would you want to be with someone you don't trust? Why would you have a kid with someone you don't trust? Why are you having unprotected sex with someone you don't trust?

    By you demanding a paternity test, you are basically saying that you think she is cheating and you don't trust her. So yeah, if my husband demanded a paternity test, I'd be super pissed.

    Boys get mad when women say they are afraid of guys because some guys are rapists. They say "but I"m not a rapist! Don't you know that's not ALL men?" And yet here you are, judging all women because some of them cheat. Are you honestly telling us that you don't trust any women?

    • Of course I trust women. Hell I love women. I just don't trust them completely and never will. The only human being (man or woman) I trust 100% is myself. Lets get one thing straight: Possibly pissing the woman I'm with completely off for asking her if the baby is mine or not and then taking a paternity test to prove if she telling the truth or not is less worse than unknowingly being stuck with raising child that's not mine for 18 years.

  • urmm... yes.. but imagine if you did question her for cheating and she would never cheat on you. that will cause so many problems for you. You should only ever question if the kid is biogically yours if you have enough evidence that she has cheated. Imagine if she was faithful and the kid was Yours.. and you question her and argue with her and then get a dna test and what not.
    But yes.. do question them if you believe they have been unfaithful. It is okay to ask or question it depending on the reason you are asking

    • I do agree with you, but I like to say one thing. Sometimes a guy may never find anything remotely suspicious to make him think his wife or girlfriend cheated. From what I've seen most guys find out they're not the father during a court case.

  • "Nowadays girlfriends and wives cheat just as much as boyfriends and husbands do."

    So men have always been dogs, and you're going to now point the finger at how evil we are for, not cheating more than you, but cheating the SAME AMOUNT for the first time in thousands of years of history? Interesting. So it's been ok for us to put up with it for all these years, and now that it is equal (not more, but equal), it's scandalous?

    I would personally never cheat, but I think it's a little taste of your own medicine. Women have had to worry about this since the beginning of time. Maybe now that guys know how it feels, they'll be more sympathetic and we can all just quit cheating on each other.

    • Okay you're just twisting the guy's words around.

    • I quoted them directly. How did I twist them? He's outraged that women are now doing what men have always done to us.

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  • Well, if we made testing mandatory then it would eliminate the awkwardness of a guy having to question the fidelity of his partner and also satisfy the need to know exactly who the father is.

    By the way, it used to be common practice in high schools in America to have students draw their own blood and test for their blood type. This would later be used for demonstrations of heredity. This practice stopped in the 60s when it was demonstrated that many of the students were not the biological sons or daughters of one of the parents. Schools thought it prudent not to rock the boat. The practice of drawing blood to test blood type was ended largely in the 80s due to fears about AIDS. Given the statistics of women who, when asked anonymously, admitted to cheating, why would anyone, man or woman, be offended if asked if he or she has cheated or to take a paternity test? I have been asked by women I have dated and on one occasion by my wife if I ever cheated. I wasn't offended and answered "no."

  • You're gonna get soo much crap from women for this... I do get where you are coming from and I agree to some points you made.. I'd probably trust my lady too much to go ask her. Unless my child is completely different I wouldn't question it.
    If I raised a kid for a while, I'd still bonded with em and even if I later on found out it's not mine.. It'll hurt yes... but I'd still most likely raise em.

  • I'd be fine with the whole 'its a question of trust' if the legal precedent wasn't that you need to challenge early or you're on the hook for child support for life.

    Essentially, the courts do NOT ALLOW you to trust and only check later if some evidence of cheating causes you to look back.

    If my son has kids, I will push hard for paternity testing. I'll be the asshole, not him.

    • Interesting. It makes me wonder if the state should be the asshole and make it mandatory.

    • @bluemax sure. Will never happen. there's no lobby pushing for it and there are lobbies pushing hard against it. Basically they want whoever the mother decides to name as the father to be financially responsible.

      Given the state is an active accomplice in paternity fraud I can't see it doping anything to make it difficult.

  • As they say in the X-Files : "Trust no-one".
    A recent documentary on TV claimed that 25% of children in this country are calling the wrong man "daddy". There must be a lot of women who are not only unfaithful, but also not careful. I know a few cases where it's happened.
    I wouldn't be offended/insulted if a woman asked for simple proof that I'd been faithful.
    You'll have a hard time convincing women of that. Too many have something to hide. If it's not them guilty, it's their friends they want to protect.

  • It's like what President Reagan said "Trust but verify."

    Just do a paternity test but don't tell the woman.

  • I think paternity tests should be mandatory - if the woman is caught whoring around, the guy is not responsible for the child and if he wants a divorce she should get nothing from him.

  • I agree. You don't need the girl's permission, do you? Every guy should get it done.

    • No you don't you need the girl's permission to get a paternity test. Its your right to know if the baby is yours or not before signing the baby's birth certificate.

    • If you're married, you're automatically assumed the father. if you're not she is legally a single mom and of course can refuse having that test done.
      Generally they need consent from both guardians.

    • @Izzy2102 That's one of the biggest problems. There are actually a few states that still have a law that says if a married woman were to become pregnant then her husband is the legal father. And it doesn't matter if they are separated.

  • Men, listen to the Asker. He speaks the truth.

  • It's been scientifically proven that women are likely to cheat on their partner with an alpha male during the relationship so the other guy will be able t raise the kid.
    I certainly would make sure the kid was mine after their born