Starting dating this guy and his grandmother passes away... how should I respond?

I've been on 3 dates with a guy I met online. Each time we meet for drinks and talk for hours. I can tell he likes me, but I am not totally sure yet if I like him a lot... I'm giving it more time.

We didn't have a 4th date planned yet, but he was texting me everyday a cute, flirty message and I would respond in kind.

He texted me yesterday that he just got news from home (EU) that his grandmother passed away, who he was really close with. I responded with a sympathetic message and he hasn't responded, which I wouldn't expect him to now.

I was considering just leaving it be for now. I don't want to bother him at this time, and I was just going to wait until he reaches out to me again. How long do you think it would take for him to get in touch with me again? Couple weeks at most?


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  • just comfort him when you can and be considerate to his feelings. that's all since its so fresh.


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  • Send flowers

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