Why would he take down his profile and not tell me?

I have been dating a guy for almost three months now. We met on OkCupid and everything has been great between us. He has pursued me consistently, we are in contact every day and we see each other every weekend and sometimes during the week, when our work schedules allow. We haven't had "the talk" yet or discussed our profiles, but he has said we are "together" and that he isn't seeing anyone else.

Last week I noticed I had not seen him in my matches on OkCupid for a few weeks, and when I searched for his profile I was unable to locate it. Why would he disable or delete his profile and not tell me? Or ask me to take mine down? Is he waiting for me to bring this topic up? I've been waiting for him to increase his efforts to commit and I've assumed he would be the one to bring up the topic.

Any insight would be appreciated :)


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  • Well he had take it down, because he is dating you silly lol. What do you want from him, to leave it up and carry on dating others girls. He has take it down because, he doesn't want any other girls contracting him.

    • You should be glad that he has take it down, instead of leaving it up.

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    • Why should he tell you that he closed his account? are you now trying manage him? and account for all his movements? What he did was a good thing. be careful young lady, sometimes its better not to worry about those things, because at end of it, you will become a control freak. Don't become one, because you end up losing them

    • To be honest what he did was a good thing, so why worry about it. I just you are being silly about it. If he kept his acount open, then I could understand you, wanting explaination. Don't start getting into managing and accounting for every little thing he does? Unless you have good reason he is cheating on you.

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  • He doesn't want anyone else contacting him, currently.

  • Why are you even thinking about this as a bad thing? I don't understand you xD