When do guys usually reach out to woman?

So there's this guy I like we met up earlier this week. But he hasn't called I know he has work and goes to school. I too am doing the same. It's been 3 days is he going to call or should I forget about him? I feel impatient almost like I should reach out to him.


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  • There is a very simple answer to this. Men from early age are taught that ' big boys don't cry' and men do not talk to other men about their problems.
    Women on the other hand are natural at nurturing, listening and this is all that a guy needs. As when a woman has problems, she wants to talk about it but does not necessarily want a solution to be given. She just wants to talk.
    Men dont want to listen in the main, to problems so they rarely can turn to another man.


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  • If he hasn't called you in 3 days -he's might not be interested

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