What are some good day time date ideas?

my boyfriend works nights so we can't go on typical dates like dinner and a movie and such, so what are some fun romantic date ideas that we can do in the afternoon?


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  • -museums

    - hiking


    -community activities. call your local visitor's bureau for information on tons of cool things in your city that you've probably never heard of. old historic sites, festivals, art shows, etc.

    • Are guys actually into that stuff?

    • I sure am into that stuff. And I know a lot of other guys who are, too.

      But you might have to slant things to his particular interests. he might not like a quilting exhibit, but prefer a vintage car show.

      But you might be surprised what guys can be interested in. So never assume he'll not be interested in something until you ask, and slant it towards his interests.

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  • You can try a picnic in the park or at the beach, or maybe go to an amusement park, maybe challenge each other to laser tag, take a walk together, or go out to lunch at a place you never ate at before or try out food that you haven't before. Hope this helped at least a little bit. ^-^