What does he mean by dating?

I've been seeing a guy (I'm 23, he's 24) for a couple months, just casual stuff like going fishing, out to lunch, for drinks, etc. I've stayed the night prob 5 or 6 times and nothing happened just made out and cuddled, he's never pressured me into anything. I've met his parents he said he wants to meet mine.

Last night I stayed the night and we were making out and he stopped me. He asked me how long ago my last relationship was and I told him 2 years ago but nothing was ever serious. He told me he's never had a real relationship and that I was the closest thing he's had to a gf. Then he asked how I felt about us dating and went on to say he really likes me, and could see himself dating me. He said that I've been a friend and he likes being around me too. He also brought up putting it on fb, then said it was too cliche, but I think he wants to.

I'm confused and I never asked him what he meant by dating (I should have).

When he said dating does he mean a relationship that's exclusive? Or just seeing each other more? Is it a bad idea to ask him if it's exclusive?


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  • He wants a relationship that is exclusive with you. Probably why you two have done anything yet he likes you for you :) Just make sure you are both on the same page.


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  • Usually dating means exclusive. .. but it would be a good idea to just tell him you would like to clarify your relationship

    • Thanks! From what it sounded like, I think he meant exclusive relationship. But I know other people think dating is getting to know each other to see if it should be a long term relationship.

    • That is true... yeah I would just say you want to clarify so you're both on the same page. Good luck!

    • Thank you!

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