Would you say yes if a guy at work you thought was good looking came up to you and asked you out for a coffee one day of the blue?

If you've only said hi to him a few times and made brief small talk with him before and he tried to add you on fb before but you didn't accept as you don't know him well enough. Would you hesitate at all?

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  • Id hesitate to meet him for a coffee
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If you said you'd hesitate, why?


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  • It would depend on where we worked.

    • In the same place.

    • A museum

    • In that case i would be ok with it.

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  • dating coworkers is never a good idea. I've done it twice and never again will I do that

  • id love that. work is an interesting place cause u spend so much time with the people there a lot of hours in the week so u see that person for how they are and can't help but develop feelings for them.


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