I'm Not Good Enough To Women?

I don't consider myself to be a terrible person. I can be a little shy at times and quiet. At the same time, I like meeting new people, mixing it up and going out with friends.

Despite all this, in my 24 years of living, I have never had a girlfriend. I have never kissed a girl. I have never been on a date. I have never had sex.

In terms of looks, I am 6 feet and 140 lbs. I work out quite often, eat healthy, dress preppy and wear nice cologne. I have also just finished college, so I am working full-time and trying to leave my mark on the world.

In terms of facial features, my face is very similar to this (I will not put a picture of myself up for privacy reasons).


Despite my appearance and persona, women seem revolted to be around me. When I talk to women, they already seem bored and disgusted. When I walk over to women, smile and say, "hi" I just get ignored. Despite how I dress and how I present myself, when I walk past women, they never give me a second look and seem to "look past me".

I've also tried dating sites, but its the same thing... and I always seem to attract women like this:




Sometimes these are also the types of women that approach me at bars and clubs.

I always see women in real life and online talking about guys they like, guys they want to hook up with, trying hard to please a guy... but I've never had a woman go the extra mile to get to know me at all (unless she is the woman I pictured above)

Does this happen to other guys? Why does this happen to me?


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  • Hmmmm well if u look like the guy in the picture then your attractive... you seem nice and smart... maybe it's just that your a little boring... I really don't know why girls don't seem interested in you :)

  • Well if you look like that guy in the picture you showed, then you are pretty dang good looking.


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  • "I will not post a real pic for privacy reasons", yeah it's more like you are too insecure to show your face. If you do look like that guy then it's probably your personality that turns woman off, but if you want a real accurate opinion post an actual pic of yourself. Only other people can determine if you are attractive, that is the very definition of the word. Use an anonymous label if you want to hide your identity.

    By the way 6 ft 140 lbs is super duper skinny. I am very skinny and I'm 5'11" 170 lbs so I can only imagine what you look like...

    • Bro. It's not about insecurity. I do things within my industry that require me to do TV stuff in front of the camera and behind the camera. I don't want people to know I'm posting here or that I have girl problems. I don't need people talking about me in that light or my employers and such to see my social media accounts.

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    • Dude. You're a fuckin' idiot. Lol. You do know that people in entertainment and such are regular people as well... right? You do realize that they do have private Facebook accounts, join online forums and participate in chats just like everyone else right?

      Only a narrow minded idiot would think the way you do. And going by what you say, you're probably an ass in real life.

    • If I'm an idiot that makes you a fuckin retard. You didn't even get my point, if you work in TV, are good looking and nice personality, then you should have at least kissed a girl by now if nothing else. The fact they are not interested in you shows it's your personality or you are lying about your looks. I'm guessing you are the one who is an ass..."narrow minded" lol it's called being fuckin realistic.