Guys, if you had to choose one of these girls to date based on one picture and small description. Who would you choose?

The question title say's it all. So, based on a
picture and a little description, who would you

Michelle (Married once before and has a daughter)
Lacy ( Has a fear of opening up to people. Also, engaged)
AshLee (Spent time in foster homes, but was eventually
adopted. However, it left her with trust and abandonment issues)
Christy (Been treated bad in relationships and manipulated by men)
Sarah ( Lost her arm at birth, so now she only has one
Lucy (Flower child hippy type who's a free spirit, REALLY free)
Clare (Overly emotional and has been used by men)
Elise ( Sweet and caring, but clingy at times. Easily


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  • Michelle: Can’t date a woman with a child. Also wouldn’t date a divorced woman unless she had a good reason to be divorced, such as the husband cheated or abandoned her or abused her.

    Lacy: I’m not gonna date an engaged woman. WTF?

    AshLee: would date if those issues aren’t severe.

    Christy: same.

    Sarah: would date. Loss of arm is no problem.

    Lucy: The hippie ideology is wrong and a deal breaker. For example if it’s not just that she’s into hippie clothes or whatever. If she actually buys into the ideology.

    Clare: overly emotional sounds like bad news.

    Elise: clingy at times sounds bearable. Sweet and caring is great.

    Overall I’d choose Elise. I’d also happily date Sarah. AshLee and Christy I have reservations about. The others are out of the question for me I think

    Looks wise they’re all pretty. I wouldn’t say any of them is drop dead gorgeous with possible exception of Christy. I have no complaints looks wise. I’d be more than happy with any of them looks wise.


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  • hypothetically i would've chosen the girl in the middle but she's engaged... that would be wrong.

    i think Michelle would be hard to date. Because i feel like i'd be like a replacement "daddy" and those shoes are hard to fill. Like i mean her attention's gonna be on two important people, and i think i'd get a little annoyed at that (not that that's a bad thing). I mean what if the kid doesn't like you -_- that would suck!

    Elise i would date. I don't care if a girl im dating or that i like is clingy... feels good to be wanted to needed, very important aspect of being human is to feel useful.

    definitely Michelle and or Elise ^^

  • Honestly is go for any of em besides the flower child I don't like hippies.

  • I really like Elise i would pick her she can be clingy at times
    she gets attached easily

  • I pick Clare.

  • I'll just be forever alone if I can't get any better options than this. :)

  • Elise and lacy


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  • Clare (Overly emotional and has been used by men)
    static. wetpaint. me/.../... ypremiere-1407278441. jpg
    is a bad link
    otherwise, my guy friends find at least one objection to each of the offerings
    so no gal here gets a date with them