Does she like me? I think she does but I'm still not sure?

I've been hanging out with this girl for about two months. We hang out when we can even though it's not a priority to either of us. I get the feeling she does because I pay attention to her body language and notice subconscious signs even though I'm not sure. I tried making a move the other night and she denied me. Her reason was that she doesn't want distractions. She said a t's not me in particular, but with everyone. We're both hard workers so I get it. She assumed we would stop talking but I told her I'm not like that. We still snapchat pretty much everday. 4 out of 5 times she'll be the first one to send me something in the morning with me initiating anything. Even though she denied my kiss, she was receptive when hugged before I left that night. I kissed her on the cheek. I wasn't expecting it, but she responded by hugging me tighter than normal and kissing me back on the cheek the same way I did to her. this happened about 5 days ago and even the day after, we're still snap chatting like we do normally. I gave her a sweater that same night. I used it once when I went bowling so i would assume it would have my scent. She wore it to sleep and sent me a couple snaps of her wearing it. I'm pretty confident she's into me but I could use some outside opinions to reinforce my intuition. Thanks


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  • there's really two sides to the scenario that i can think of,
    a) yeah she's into you but just isn't ready yet. maybe you're missing something, or
    b) she's using you. it feeds her ego. you're like... the boyfriend without the sex.

    • I don't think she's using me. When we go out, she offers to pay and she'll get mad if I don't let her. Aside from that, I get random gifts from her too and she's always offering to do random things for me. Like if I get too drunk, she offers to be my driver even if she doesn't come with. And I live 40 minutes from her house.

    • If I was toying with a guy's feelings, I'd totally do all of that. Because I'm "nice." And I might see him as a friend despite the fact that he's giving me major ego boosts.

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