Should you be friends with a person you like first?

So like do y'all think you should be friends with the person first to get to know that person or date and be gf and bf right away if y'all both know y'all feel the same way for each other.

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  • Depending on the situation that was bestowed upon me, what ever Happens 'First' is what is Meant to have happened.
    Of course, as I tell everyone here, the Best Relationships are always the 'Best' when nurtured and nursed by Friendship if all possible. It helps in knowing one another, finding out what chemistry you both may or may Not have, and if there is slow with the flow water works, then a potential partnership could even follow, which is even Better, in my book.
    A man found me 3 years ago on FB and we became close friends. With getting to know one another on Skype and Yahoo, we started a whirl wind romance, where months later, I ended up flying over to the far off land of Cairo, where 3 months Later, after I returned, I flew back over, where we tied the knot at the Ministry of Justice. And with this, of course, for I am back now in the states, planning to come back and visit him Hopefully this year, we have had our ups and downs, break ups and breaks, but because we always have been friends, even being married, our love with This and all our concerted efforts to Stay together, is what has kept us 'Together' and without it, we have nothing. xx


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  • well it helps the credibility. Because as friends, you know each other's dislikes and likes (or at least you should), and you can be more comfortable around each other. Not to mention having the same circle of friends, so you don't have to break the ice with a new group... So basically each of you doesn't have to show the other's groups of friends why you are the "right choice"

  • The worst thing on earth is to just dive into it! Don't ever do this! It will all be about looks and sex and blablaba. This kind of relationship is dead set to deteriorate. Do you realy like this guy? Or do you like his looks? That's not fair to you or him and all the other great guys out there (who may or may not look so great). Hope this helped :)

    • So i Met This guy At Work he Ask me To The Movies We Went as friends Then The Next time Went Out To Eat. We Had Great conversations We Told Eachother We Felt The Same Way That We Were Both Looking For Something Serious. Then Like he kinda Wanted To Ask me To be his Gf But i Said Not yet That We Should Start as Good friends Then whatever comes Up comes Up. But Then This Week he Just says We Should remain friends if Anything. Just friends and Nothing Else. Why Did he change Is Mind i Felt Like he Was The One he Said Its Cuz i Just Started collage and My dad Is a Problem Because he won't Let me Have a Bf. He's 22 and Im 18 does he Have Feelings Still Is he hidding Them or no? He told me this before telling me that he oly what's to be friends-
      "But doesn't anyone have feelings for every one they talk too for some time? How do you know you won't have those (or stronger) feelings for someone else? You're just now turning 19. You've got a lot left to experience can you give me some advice?

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    • Thanks But you think he can ask me out again or should we just hangout?

    • HE certainly can ask you out but you approach it as hanging out first.
      (I don't really understand your wording;"you think he can ask me out agian"of course he can ask you out, you can't control that)
      You might want to know what's going on first if he asks you though right? Just be cool about it.

  • No you should not, this notion makes me sick to the pit of my stomach. It's a cowardly way of thinking.

  • I'd say friends first just so you can get to know each other first before you decide to do anything.


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  • I prefer to be friends first cause I find I can get to know someone better if I'm not all caught up in the romantic/physical aspect.
    I don't know if that's particularly practical, or even possible, but I haven't been able to find another way for me to do it.

    • What if y'all both know y'all have feelings for Eachother at first but then he says just friends?