Approaching two girls who are together. I'm having trouble?

Ok I don't really want to approach a big group of girls, but I'm willing to approach two that are together. It's hard to find girls who are by themselves so I'm wanting to try this out. There are two problems I've noticed though when doing this.

1. I'm afraid i'll offend the girl I'm not interested in.

2. The girls friend always tries to pull her away from any type of conversation I start.

Any tips ladies? I guess I have to include both of them into the conversation at first, but I don't know how to end it and get a phone number from the one I like. Unless you just include both of them in some activity.


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  • I think you'll need to use body language to make yourself clear. Greet both with a smile and verbal hello as you approach. Stand in front of or next to the girl you're interested in. Make most of your eye contact with her. (Girls are adept at body language. Other girl will get it loud & clear.) You have a few minutes before other friend fears being ditched for the night and tries to pull her away. In fact, you can even say "Hey, I don't want to interrupt your girl's night out but I am enjoying our conversation. Can I get your number so I can text you later?"

    Other girl may butt out and leave you alone or the girl may subtly shoo her friend away. Either way, you are respecting the girl's time AND getting her number. Who doesn't love such a respectful guy? :)

    • I remember one time a while back at the grocery store I approached a girl and I talked with her for about 30 seconds before friend came up to her and then I was thinking to myself well this is awkward. haha. So she actually introduced me to her friend and after that her friend left and we kept talking and I got to know her a little bit for a few minutes and then I told her I didn't want to hold her and her friend up and asked for her number. It turned out she had a bf. She actually seemed interested and was receptive to my questions so I don't know if maybe I moved too fast in that case. I was actually more nervous with her than usual so maybe that freaked her out. haha. It was nice that she hinted to her friend to go away. haha.

    • Oh the other problem is you girls walk too damn fast! haha.

  • Go for it. Often girls are too shy to do things alone so they bring their girlfriends not realizing it decreases their chances of being approached. The worst that can happen is rejection


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