I asked this guy to prom?

Ok so a while back he asked me out and I said no. We both moved on and he started liking other girls. But recently I have had a crush on him and asked him to prom. He said yes but I don't know if he likes me for sure. We both have seemingly dropped hints to each other. Today we went out to coffeee with my best friend. At one point he asked me to rate myself and I said 5-6. Then he asked me to rate him and I said 5-6. Then he said that sometimes people rate people they like higher than what they really are. Implyng that i was out of his league or something.. So he obviously knows I like him. But I don't know if hewould ever ask me to be his girlfriend :/ or if I could feel confident enough to ask him


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  • I bet he's kinda confused with not just you but his own fealing sad well and he's just trying to mentally fiure it out. It's great that he said yes! Just continue to be his "freind"(diffrent people use differenet words so idk) and you two won't feal so awkward around each other. Hope this helped :)


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  • Try not overthink things, just enjoy prom and see how the night goes!

    • Yes but prom is eight months away...

    • So you're definitely overthinking if it's more than half a year away, just keep talking with him.

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  • Don't over think anything right now, sweetie. It's too soon. Get to know one another, start off as friends, and make sure before you go shopping for your dress, that you 'Address' Him about------Prime Prom time.
    And with the months way ahead, of course, if everything works out, you may find that something special is sizzling between the both of you, a certain chemistry before the lights go out at the dance.
    And if he doesn't 'Ask' you anything except to Still accompany him at the affair, then That would also be a good chance at this Big event to see if there is more in store to take you off your feet.
    He may not want anything heavy right now, so go slow with his flow and don't pressure him. As time goes on you will be able to feel things out and see if it is something worth pursuing or maybe you would rather bail out before the Time comes and go with another who May be more suitable for you. Only 'time' will tell.
    Good luck. xx