He says we are dating and he wants to take things slow but he hasn't called me his girlfriend yet. What should I do?

And when I asked him what his definition of dating is through text he didn't answer. We are still talking though. He's supposed to see me this weekend did my birthday


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  • He's probably nervous to use to word "girlfriend" because he doesn't want to freak you out. That's how I would be. The funny thing is, you both seem to be in the same situation. You don't want to call him your boyfriend, until he calls you his girlfriend. Well he's probably thinking the same thing. One of you has to budge. When it comes down to it, the way I think about it, if I know a girl likes me, and we've been dating for a bit, I would slid in a "girlfriend" at one point. Most likely she would laugh, maybe blush a little and go along with it, which would pretty much seal the deal of being boyfriend and girlfriend. That line is tricky, but he's probably just nervous to say the word.

  • In the big picture, should labels be the center of attention or the fact that you're dating & hopefully enjoying being with each other?

    So no need to worry too much or pressure him to say certain things. Better to enjoy the time spent together for now.


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