Asking a girl out for the first time?

Alright, so tonight, I met this awesome, beautiful, funny girl who is the daughter of one of my mothers friends. We shared a few laughs, I made some stupid jokes, and she just kept looking at me and I caught her staring a couple times at dinner and likewise she caught me. Would I be too forward in asking her out to do something immediately? I added her on Facebook, both our moms were hinting that we should hang out. I'm post break up and still in love with my ex, I'm not sure how I feel about this right now...


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  • Take a chance, talk to this girl. You never know she might turn out to be even better than your ex. Your ex is your ex for a reason and I know that you still love her and all but she broke up with you and you need to focus on yourself and your future. You have to let her go.. You have to look at all the other opportunities life is offering you now. Be opened minded. If your ex truly loves you than maybe one day she will come back but for now she's not with you. You could just hang out with this girl and become friends and just go with the flow. Take things easy, have fun and you'll realise you'll find love again and it will be even better. ;)


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  • I would be upfront and honest with her and yourself, before pursuing anything. Are you look for friendship, a relationship, to just hang out, or are you on the rebound? If you're still in love with your ex, I'd mention that when the situation calls for it, but if you're just hanging out, then hang out. Be yourself, but also don't lead her on or start something under false pretenses if you aren't ready.

  • Just be friends with her for now, until you get over your ex.

    • Alright, why couldn't I think of that as a totally obvious answer for myself? Other problem is that I really want my ex back. I'm stuck..

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    • That's what I'm trying to do. My ex says that she's over me.. Yet she's still stalking on social media and shit. I'm getting mixed signals. I haven't even looked at another girl since we broke up and I've been focused on me. But when you have a girl who is obviously interested and your ex is showing little to no interest, you want to explore the possibility I guess.

    • Well, there's not really any right or wrong here. You are free to pursue or not pursue as you wish.

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