Does he like me or is he just shy?

This guy is on my bus every morning, and I think he might like me? We go to different schools (both schools are same-sex schools) but we both take the same bus because the schools are super close. We have never talked, but I've noticed him, and he has looked at me quite a bit. When ever I get on the bus, he pulls his bag onto his lap so there is a spare seat, but i never get on it becuase there is another one right infront of me. He might just be doing this to be polite? The other day I got on and he was talking to his friend who was on the pair of seat next to his, and they kept on looking at me. He's really shy, and so hardly any eye contact ever happens...

When his friend got off at his stop, I decided to move to where he was sitting, because I could lean up agains the wall of the bus and read with my feet on the seat next to me. The guy seemed really nervous, and kept on kinda looking at me? He might just be REALLY shy though!! haha

So... does he like me, and what should I do? Thanks!!!


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  • I can't really tell because he sounds like a shy guy and shy guys are really tricky. Since you told me that he stares at you several times on the bus, he could possibly be showing interest in you. You should definitely iniate a conversation with him, joke around a little bit with him. I am sure that he would appreciate that :)


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