After getting a phone number from a girl... Do you?

do you wait a couple of days to call, or call them right away? Or do you prefer to text?

Girls, if you gave your number to someone, how would you like to be contacted?

  • I prefer texting - within the next day
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  • I prefer texting - within a couple of days
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  • I prefer calling - within the next day
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  • I prefer calling - within a couple of days
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Call or text as soon as you feel like calling or texting. I really hate the stupid three day rule or whatever. If you want to talk to someone you should just talk to them and not worry about playing games.


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What Girls Said 2

  • Start of texting her for a few days 1-2days maybe 3 then soon you can call her up so u don't seem desperate or anything x

  • I think leaving it for two or three days makes her wonder about you and then when you do call or text (I prefer call) she'll be more interested and thinking about what you were up to that you waited three days it just makes you look mysterious and popular I don't know if that was good advice or not but anyway good luck lol


What Guys Said 2

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  • I'd text her because I wouldn't know her schedule she might be really busy. If I leave a text and she's busy she could reply to me when she's free and I could go from there.