Is it bad that if I feel like sex w/ him would be awkward by our third date?

I like A LOT about this guy... on the 2nd date we kissed. We had a third date tonight and I just didn't even want to kiss him. I just kept imagining trying to do anything sexual with him and it just seemed weird... awkward... like... just bad. I just can't see him being sexual. He just doesn't seem like the type. If that makes sense. He's not like... manly aggressive at all... I just don't see him being hot romantic ever. Maybe we're just meant to be friends?

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  • You are starting to friend zone him. This is why women complain about men pushing to soon for sex. If we don't, women end up friend zoning us. He is being too respectful in waiting and you aren't able to see him sexually as a result. Waiting longer will just make it worse.

    • We kissed on the 2nd date and he wasn't a good kisser. I think that was a big part of it. He just isn't flirty at ALL. I wouldn't know if he liked me more than a friend.

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    • Just remember when a guy starts moving too fast next time, and you want to complain about it, this is why men do it. lol

    • hahahaha I think I get it. See, I got told by the last guy I was dating that I moved too fast. We had this awesome ALL DAY first date, I let him in my apartment, we cuddled and he refused to make out with me because that was too fast and he didn't want to ruin things. He also slapped my butt and copped a couple feels, but refused to make out with me when that was what I wanted.

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  • you are friendzoning him. ("Maybe we're just meant to be friends?")
    as soon as he realized this, your friendship will not be the same.
    he will probably go into protection mode and prevent any contact with you.

    • Am I? I am not even trying to friendzone him, but I just don't feel romantically drawn to him at all.

    • it's ok to break up with that guy if you don't feel romantically drawn to him, but then you are in most cases not meant to be friends either...
      don't waste your and his time.

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  • There was a guy that I felt the exact same way about. I realized that I would never want to be sexual with him, but I knew that he wanted to, so I broke up with him. There are so many people out there, find someone who you can feel comfortable with and don't be ashamed to feel the way you feel.

    • Yeah, he's a nice guy and we can talk about a lot, but I just don't feel romantically drawn to him. Shouldn't I feel that way by the third date?