I snooped... how would you interpret all of this?

Yesterday night, I was out with my brother and my mother for dinner. I get a call at 9ish saying that he is at a bar with his old tattoo artist. She happens to work at the tattoo place right around the corner from us. I tried to meet up, but he said he was trying to "work out a deal"/catch up on old news. They walked to the house for their cars at 10ish and as I was sitting on the porch on the phone, they start talking about his tattoos and said she had a good time. They are old friends he says. He and I were talking about the tattoo ideas. He tells me that she is married, is about 40, and oldest kid is like 19. Looked at her profile. Her mom just turned 50, no 19 year old kid, and a picture of her making out with another girl. She is gorgeous and knows it. Flaunts a lot of pretty pictures online.

Tonight, he has his brother over and they went to see a movie. I declined going being I was taking care of my. We meet up at home and he freaked out for a millisecond about his phone and then went into a drunken slumber after we had sex. It just hit me that it was odd about his phone. Went out to the truck and saw his cell phone charging (he also has a charger inside of the house). Here is the... guess you can say transcript while I am not around him:

10:41 AM
Him: Yo!

Her: Yeah who is this

Him: It's ____

Him: Seeing if you had a good time last night.

Him: Did I say something wrong?

Her: No been working hun sorry. Yes I enjoyed myself.

Oh, my bad.
What time are you getting off?

**Movie Starts

She calls at 8:09PM and the call goes on for 55 seconds.

Him: Just got out of the movies. what are you doing?

He calls her at 10:12 and call lasts for 48 seconds.

Told him I was going to get a bite to eat at home at 10:15. Two texts followed after that saying "food is at the house" and "come home". Sounds to me like she rejected him and he just "settled" for me.

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**I opted out of going tonight also because he mentioned that he wanted to have some brother time.

**Brother ended up staying the night.
I asked him after the movie ended if they were going to go to a bar and he did not say anything about inviting her out if they did end up going. history of hiding cell when he is hiding things. Also a history of lying and cheating before.


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  • Naw sound's like they may actually be friends and he did exactly what he told you he was doing. If your his girl how could he ever be settling.


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