Should I make contact or wait for him to contact me?

Should I contact him when he stop talking to me.. or wait and see if he will? Its only been 5 days since we last talked before this we talked everyday? Been going out for about a month officially, been had been talking a few months before we met in person. Everything was fine between us. No issues I was aware of.. he was very stressed with his own personal problems.. lost job offer, car broken down going to cost him a fortune to fix. Long distance relationship just don't understand the sudden cut off of communication between us.. not sure.. should I wait for him to contact me or assume its over?


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  • I don't know about you but a lot of times my pride won't let me double text someone. Therefore, I'd wait for him to text me.
    If you're really eager then I guess text him but you guys should at least talk every other day and like check up on each other.