Why would someone post so many private information on Facebook about a new relationship?

I see this a lot! And it drives me crazy. People who have just started a relationship a few days ago share everything about it on Facebook. Pictures, where did they go on a date, hearts, (L), <3<3, cheesy quotes...
And most of them are actually guys above 18! I don't understand this. When I'm in a relationship that is new, I like to keep things more private, to ourselves, sincce I don't have anything to prove to anyone and I just want to live my life happy.
The last time I saw this was my ex doing this. We just broke up a couple of months ago and he already has a girlfriend and is posting so many stuff and saying that she's the love of his life and is unique and he just met her a few weeks ago xD


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  • I guess some people cannot contain how happy they are with their SO/ relationship so they want to brag about it and show it off to everyone. I don't have a problem with every once in a while doing something to show off your relationship... I think it's thoughtful and shows you care, but if it is like every 30 minutes then it gets old quickly and I deem you an attention seeker, lol.


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