Does a girl go for a hot guy or stability and the good life?

i am a big man and i was wondering if a nice lady search only a hot guy cor if she wants the luxury of the good life with a guy who makes her his princess?

  • big boy with stability
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  • hot boy with the clothes on his back
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  • Old men could be attractive too and even hot. I dated a 44 year old guy, and it wasn't for stability or good life, it was only because I liked him a lot. So you probably going to find a girl who likes you for the person that you are, not to be a "princess"


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  • Looks are just an added bonus for me. I always think about the future, and I go into relationships with the attitude that I will spend the rest of my life with them. I want someone with his life in a stable route. Someone who is focused on the later, than the now. Hence why I have only been in one relationship, which unfortunately was unsuccessful due on his part.

  • Somewhere in between the middle of those two, is where happiness lies.

    I won't date anyone I'm not physically and mentally attracted to.. I have my shit together & I know what I bring to the table.. So should a guy I date. Only little girls go after looks alone.. Because everyone's looks are gonna fade one day, all you have left is good conversation in your rocking chairs & some wheelchair races in the halls of your retirement home!

  • A guy doesn't need to be hot though good looks are a bonus. Just like if you've heard the term "swag doesn't pay the bills" a guy should have a career, a living and earn a good amount of money to feed himself and his family. If you've got luxury than that's even good. If she's got love then she's got everything.


What Guys Said 1

  • When girls are younger, they want a hot guy and after they are done with the hot guys, they go for guys who they rejected in the past because they are stable now with decent amount of money to support them.

    • Not always. There is a flip side to this. There are a lot of girls who are looking for the "nice guy" when they're younger, not necessarily the hot guy. However, many guys aren't looking for those kind of girls when they're younger. Not every woman is looking for a man to support them.