What kind of date should I ask him on?

I've secretly liked this guy (an acquaintance) for several years now, and I've decided to ask him out.

I can't ask him out to dinner because I have so many food intolerances and allergies that I can't eat out. He's not into movies (he was brought up not to like them much), so I don't think I should ask him to the cinema. He enjoys his uni studies in maths and engineering. He used to be into music (singing, violin, piano) when he was younger, but he stopped performing a few years ago. He enjoys digging trenches and caves in the paddock (a bit different, I know).

We've never been that close so I don't want to ask him to dinner at my place or anything like that. I mean I've had dinners with his family but I want a one-on-one thing to do.

He's very introverted and intelligent. He has always been girl-shy but he has not been so shy of girls this year - except he is still shy of me.

I thought of asking him to a concert, but to be honest it's a bit beyond either of our budgets, since we're both uni students.


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  • If you're up to it why not suggest going to a nature park? I know it sounds kinda lame but if you look hard enough there are some pretty cool places to go. It would just be you and him together so I think you can make that work. You'll kinda have I coax him out of his "shell" but I think you'll have some good times with him. Hope this helped :)

    • Thank you :) We both like nature so that sounds like a great idea! I could take a picnic of food that I can eat too

    • That's great! have fun! :)

    • Thanks :)

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