Difference between a hangout and a date? "So... is this... a... date?" "I don't know lol"?

Have been reminiscing lately... and I remember a little thing my uh... female friend? Ex? Anyway , a female said back then during the uhhh... thing.

Was walking her to the bus stop after watching Tangled together back then...
Yeah yeah , don't have a car , judge me.
I remember her asking this just before the bus driver hushed her onto the bus and drove off.

"So... is this... a... date?"

Feigning my ignorance towards a difference between a hang out and a date I remember saying.
"It's what you think it is. Night"

After all this time I still have no idea what's the difference between a date and a hang out...

It's a bit hard to tell what'actually a date , a hang out , your girl friend and your girlfriend.
Its all just... so vague.

I'm still waiting on the Sims to come to real life.

So... how can you tell?


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  • Whenever a guy asks me to hang out I take it as that--a platonic hangout. To make it a date I would need to be asked out like it is one.


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