Please read before answering. He kissed me and now isn't hanging with me. What is this guys behavior?

This guy and I have been out 8 times little over a month. He kissed me on our last date which was 3 weeks ago. He hasn't hungout with me since and I am always the one who initiates texts.

Within these 3 weeks of no hanging out nor him texting me, he will like and comment on my stuff on Facebook.

I feel like im getting mixed signals. Guys, why would you do this if you were in my shoes? Not texting or hanging with the girl, but all over her Facebook.

Also last night I texted him if he'd like to go get drinks downtown and he texted me "just got back from work.." So I didn't even reply.



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  • What time was it when he said "just got back from work"?

    • It was 8pm...

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    • Yes you could say that it was judgmental but I asked him out last week too and he didn't want to go see a movie because it was "too scary" and "too late." I just feel like I'm getting rejected and he doesn't ask me out nor make a rain check.

    • Then he's not interested. Men who are interested, would make time for you

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  • How did he act when you guys did hang out those 8 times? It could be that he just got legitimately busy and will make plans with you when things settle down. I wouldn't say he got shy about things because you asked him out and he gave an excuse - not that it wasn't a legitimate one, but now it's his turn to invite you. Why don't you give it a week from when you invited him to see if he does anything. If not, invite him once more. If he gives another excuse, then he's not going to give you enough effort.

    • Oh within these past 3 weeks I have asked him to hangout 3 times. Before that on our 8 dates he was really respectful, started the physical touching the 3rd date and then kissed me on our last. Now I get nothing.

    • Oh, okay. So you've actually gone through this whole waiting period already. Hm, well three weeks seems like a long time to not make time for someone you want to see. Of course, there are always exceptions, but at this point I would say to start to move on. It's alright to accept his invite if he does happen to reach out to you later, but you should not reach out anymore. If he wants to see you, he obviously knows he can.