My date cancelled and I'm trying to get over my ex, why do I feel so worthless?

Me and my ex finally stopped talking for good last sunday. And its been bittersweet, I'm not as in the "denial" phase of our break up. I'm on my way to accepting it. Anyways, yesterday I was finally happy again because this guy I have a really great connection with asked me on a date. I finally felt like I was moving on, that I was worth love, and that another man will want me for me. He seems so genuine. But he's cancelled twice because he's busy with college, but so am I. We rescheduled and just an HOUR, not even an hour before he was supposed to pick me up, he cancelled. And I'm all dressed nice and comfortably, my makeup is perfect and I have no plans. I'm literally sitting on this computer really upset and hurt, and I know I shouldn't take it to heart, but its so hard because I know my ex is talking to other girls and even hanging out with them... and I'm stuck here lonely and hopeless. I barely have any friends that care about me, my only girl friend is so rude and always cancels, I lost touch with most of my friends because my ex was my only best friend for an entire year :( I'm so depressed and I could almost become suicidal (but I would never do it). I just don't know what to do. Can anyone else relate?



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  • I'm sorry to hear that you've had a rough time today, and also that I'm giving a response 12 hours late.

    It really does suck to be stood up. I can only imagine how frustrating it must be for you especially given recent circumstances. Just know that you are absolutely worthy of love. It's unfortunate that this guy isn't being thoughtful, but he's not the only guy out there. Perhaps it would be best also for you to focus on yourself and what makes you happy. Don't look to what's happening with your ex, he's in the past, only a chapter in your life but not the protagonist of the book, that's you!


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