Is it bad that I am less interested in a guy when he says he doesn't know or drink beer and doesn't know or like sports?

I've found that when a guy says that he isn't into sports or doesn't know them well... I'm just less interested. I want a guy who at least knows more than me about sports... and who knows more about beer than me or at least drinks and has some go-to beers. I just feel like it's really unattractive for some reason. I guess I like watching sports and I like a good beer to go with it... but that doesn't mean I know a ton about them. I don't like being the one who knows way more about those things either.

  • I'm a girl and these things make me less interested in a guy too
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  • I'm a girl and I don't care if a guy has sports/beer knowledge
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  • Oh my you sound like an awesome gal!

    I think I understand pretty well what you mean. Sports and beer are both masculine so a guy knowing less then you do does seem like a natural turn off (I generalized for ease)

    I'd hope a girl knows more about fashion and pop culture than me

    • Aha voted b on accident

      by the way what drinks and sports teams do you like?

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    • Just a dark lager basically

    • hmmm I'd probably like it then lol

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  • It's not bad... It's just the exact same as me finding a women who leaves the kitchen a turn off.

    No I am not sexist, I am only pointing out how ridiculous it sounds. I am a guy who does not like sports, and while I occasionally drink I find the taste of it absolutely disgusting.

  • If a guy does not like beer, he's fine
    If a guys does not like sports, he's gay

  • I'm a guy who doesn't drink (I don't like the taste and don't see the point drinking just because) or like sports. So I'm just gonna watch this for a while...

    • Don't think there's anything wrong with that personally. I used to hate sports and beer. For whatever reason that changed though.

      I think for a woman its probably about masculinity, like a beard.

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