Guys, if you had a death in the family, how would you want the girl you're dating to respond?

Would you want her to give you space?

I've been on 3 dates with this guy. We hadn't planned our 4th date yet, and he texted me other day saying, sorry he hadn't been in touch, but he just found out his grandmother passed away. I responded in sympathy, saying something like, "Sorry to hear that, especially since you were close (hugs)".

It's been a couple of days (we usu. text a bit everyday) and I haven't heard from him. Is it okay just to wait until he contacts me again? I would assume he'd want his space...


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  • This is tough he may really want your support but finds it to difficult to ask. Or thinks it's to early rely on you. Just send him a simply txt. I am here if you need me:). Just a suggestion you will know this guy enough to want to support him or not.

  • I'd really want her support.


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