Is he cheating or not?

I have a feeling that my bf is cheating on me 1. because he asks for sex and I always say no 2. I ask him to come see me and he always comes up with excuses like "i have to clean the house " etc. 3. blaims me for cheating when i actually am being faithful but he can't see that

p. s i have been with him for almost 2 years and i feel like he's the one and just hope this isn't happening


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  • Rule number one, unless you have pretty good reason to believe (like say some lipstick on their shirt) and know you are fathful, but they are accusing you of cheating it is because they are. It's actually a redflag, because they want to deflect the attention off themselves, and make you think you are in the wrong.


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  • If you're not banging him, there's a good chance he'll be tempted to get it somewhere else.

  • a 2 year relationship without any physical connection is a train wreck waiting to happen. If you don't wanna sleep with the guy after 2 years you might as well break it off..


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