First Date Questions for Girls, What to do?

Alright I've always want to ask this girl out on a date and I don't really know what to do for a first date?

1) What time a date usually start and end?

2) Where would be a good place to go? (mall, movie, dinner, etc)

3) Should I buy her anything that she likes?

4) Where and when would be a good place to have dinner? (Panera Bread, steakhouse, Ruby Tuesday, PizzaHut, TGI Friday's, etc)

5) When would be a good time to ask her for a second date?

Thank you


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  • This is so cute.

    1. Date should last 30-45min. If you're having fun, leave her wanting more! If it sucks, then bail out!

    2. Don't do a movie--a first date is so you can get to know each other, not so you can sit next to each other in silence for 2 hrs. Get coffee, walk your dog, get dessert somewhere, do a physical activity, or if you want, get dinner.

    3. NO! I know your heart is in the right place, but let her really win you over before you start getting her gifts.

    4. Get dinner wherever you like eating. I don't think you should go anywhere too fancy. But also, don't go to a fast food place. So, pizzahut is out. Panera is good, because you can always just get coffee OR you can get a meal.

    5. Not more than 4 days later. If you really like the date, you can make plans in the middle of the date. Or call her after and set up plans.

  • The date should usually start at about 7pm...and go dinner at a nice restaurant(ask her what her favourite place to eat is), followed by maybe ice cream and a walk around after that.

    You can get her flowers if you'd like...but nothing too big - you don't want to scare her off.

    See how it goes before you ask her out on a second date, call her afterwards ( not straight away, leave it a day or two) Say that you had a really nice time and the next time you're free, see if she's doing anything...the second date should be laid back like a movie and a bite to eat or something.


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