I need to know if this girl likes me still or is it over?

I was talking to her over text today and we talk a lot with eachother on a dialy basis its been many months, today i sorta decided to complement her, we were talking about her future job prospects and she was telling me she wants to go to acting school, then i complemented her on that and was going with the flow and asked her questions about it then i said a beautiful girl like you with an awesome personality charismatic and positive personality can do anything, she sorta replied by just answering my quesstions and did not really respond to my compliment, is she ignoring it or doesn't like me, she is 17 and i am 20 and she has been homeschooled her whole life. I need to know if it is over or is she just not ready. I will post the convo in the update

I asked her if what she is planning this year for school and lessons since she is homeschooled she replied
I'm doing marine biology history math and English and this is my last year=-D as soon as I finish I'm done forever=-D =-D =-D.
she said she is going to acting school then i said: A beautiful girl like you with an awesome personality can do anything =-d trust me on that your always so charismatic and positive. She replied and talked about the course instead of complementing


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  • You're over exaggerating things. And a friend can say that she has a great personality and she's beautiful as well. I don't think she exactly hinted out what you were saying which doesn't make her clueless. A compliment isn't a confession. If you want her to know how you feel about her, you should be straight forward and actually say that you're in love with her instead of complimenting her.

    • idn i was trying to hint it, but she probably did not catch it so the best way is telling her

  • She probably doesn't even know that you like her based on what you have said

    • but i said she is beautiful and complemented her, doesn't that hint it

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    • I'm not sure how to pursue her in a less subtleway without freaking her out. I think you need a guy to help you out from here.

    • Lmao thanks for your help

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