I want things to happen naturally?

I have been going out with this guy for 2 weeks. He is nice and I want to keep seeing him to keep getting to know him. The other day I asked him if he wanted to date anyone. He told me he doesn't want to put a title and he wants things to happen naturally? I am not ready to be in relationship either but I want this to go somewhere. I have only know him for 2 weeks but am I wasting my time? What does it mean when a guys says he wants things to happen naturally?


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  • He wants to take things slowly, not going faster...

    He OBVIOUSLY really likes you if he said that to you. He might already have feelings for you, but he wants to FALL IN LOVE with you. Those are different things!

    What I am sure of:
    - he likes you
    - he has feelings for you
    - you are attractive to him
    - he respects you/women (wants to take his time)

    What I am not sure of:
    - he LOVES you
    - he's ready to have sex with you
    - he feels you're attracted to him

    Hope I helped you :p!

    Can you answer my question too? :)
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