How do I get an invite to my Boyfriend's Brother's Wedding?

My boyfriend and I have been in a serious relationship for about 3 1/2 years. In June his brother got engaged and are getting married next month, October, in Oklahoma. We live in California. However, he hasn't asked me to go or said anything about me going/not going. Whenever I bring up the subject of the wedding, he never asks. Even though it's in Oklahoma, I would figure he would ask because we just got back from a vacation to Hawaii last month with my family. My family allowed him to go and paid for everything and more. I figured my boyfriend would at least ask if I could/wanted to go. How do I go about this and hint that I want to go and that I want him to ask me to go. I thought he'd want me to go with him. I'm very close with his family as he is with mine. by the way he hasn't asked his parents or me or anyone at all about me going. HELP

How do I get an invite to my Boyfriend's Brother's Wedding? PLEASE HELP


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  • Maybe he hasn't asked you because maybe he feels like he doesn't need to ask. You guys seem so close maybe he just feel like it's obvious that you are going. I would just come out and ask him though. It's been almost 4 years of you two dating so you shouldn't be scare to just bring something like that up and just come right out and ask him about it. :)


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  • Answer: Since he is avoiding giving you an answer, I think its time to infer an answer. Suggest to him that you want to do something with him that day. If he agrees, then he is not going to the wedding himself. If he reminds you that he is going to a wedding, declare you will do it with one of your other friends. If he protests, you will be going to that wedding. If not, he has no intention of taking you.

  • The direct approach works.

    "Honey, can I go with to the wedding?" He may tell you yes or no, why or why not.


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  • First, you can't make someone invite you to something.

    Second, since his brother and his future wife have to decide who comes to
    the wedding. Your boyfriend can't just bring you unless his brother and his future
    wife either invited you or said it was okay for your boyfriend to bring you.

    Third, even though his family really likes you. That doesn't necessarily mean
    you get to go to the wedding, You two are just dating, so it's a little different then
    if you were married or something. If you were married it would be an automatic
    invite, because you'd be a packaged deal. However, when two people date and there's
    a wedding. There signficant other being invited isn't automatic, it's up to the bride
    and groom to decide that. And, since it's always the "brides" day. If she doesn't want
    a lot of people there or she only wants family and close friends. Then you're boyfriend
    still couldn't take you, even if he wanted to. Also, it is a family event. So, even though
    you're dating. Maybe he wants to go this wedding alone and just spend time with his
    family, know what I mean?

    My advice, just let it be. If he asks you great, if not. Let it go and don't make a big thing
    out of it. Because honestly, that's all you can really do.

  • Their wedding is next month, you can't go. That's shitty you definitely should be your boyfriends's +1 but you can't ask them to change the guest list now, that's pretty presumptuous.

    • actually it's a really small wedding, they're not even feeding people. Distance is the only concern, I already know the bride herself and groom. Thank you for your answer though :)

    • Oh Gotcha. If it's that casual I'd just ask then lol.

  • Hmmmm. I got nothin for this one. Sounds like he just automatically expects you to go, but have your boyfriend ask his brother. I mean it'd be super embarrassing on the off chance he said no to your face :/