Should I just be bold and give him my number or wait it out more?

There is a gu y I would not mind getting to know. I usually go to the store he works at. We chatted a few times (alot of those times I was so nervous and shy to say much) Should I just give him my number? I don't see him as much anymore so that's why I'm just going to give him my number? Or any other suggestions?


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  • You are experiencing what every man goes through when he wants to initiate something with a girl. You should try chatting to him in a casual way, ask him if he had a holiday, where he went and who with. This should indicate if he has a girlfriend.
    If no girlfriend you could ask him what he does when he is not working and if he would like to meet for a drink sometime.
    This is really flattering to a guy for you to ask. Be prepared for a refusal but it may be that it is just not convenient so listen to his reply. If that happens you can just say, I thought you were a nice guy so it was worth my asking. I hope you are not offended.
    Once you have done this a couple of times, it becomes easier. He won't bite.

  • If you are intersted in him just do it. What's stopping you? Worst case scenario - he won't call back. No harm done really.


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