How is this for a way to ask a girl out?

She really likes horrible puns so when I get the chance I was thinking of doing this.

Enter a building or room with her then when she is about to leave go to open the door for her but say "So just before you went in here with me so I was wondering if you would like to go *opens door* 'out' with me?"


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  • Aww that's cute! :D
    I'd probably not get it though. I'd be like "Um yeah, why wouldn't I leave the building with you" lol :) I'm pretty dense... A guy tried to kiss me and I was all like "Why are you leaning like that? Did you drop something on the floor over there? Ohhhh now I get it." Maybe add "on saturday" or like the previous commenter said "to dinner". Maybe name a place she likes to eat if you know any, like "to Olive Garden" or "To Applebee's". Ask her friends if you don't know. Or play a game where you have to answer questions about the other person. (By the way if nothing works I love Olive Garden and would never turn it down unless I was too busy to go, and the same goes for everyone I know. I've never had Applebee's, but that's because there's always a line running out the door, so maybe that's a good place if you/her don't like Olive Garden. Red Robin is a pretty safe bet too, because it is quite a bit nicer than McDonald's or Wendy's (especially for a date!) but has familiar food like cheeseburgers, onion rings, french fries, etc.)
    Good luck with that! I really hope it goes well :)


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  • I get that it sounds cutesy but what if she misses what you are asking her? You'd know best if she'd get it. But I would be concerned she might miss it. Maybe add out to *wherever* with you, like out to dinner with me.. just a thought.


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