Boyfriend looks uncomfortable when marriage is discussed?

Not about us specifically but even friends getting married. Or anything like that.

He's only 26 and I get that he's going. I'm not even planning to get married at least for another 3-4 years. But is him acting uncomfortable a red flag? What does it wen mean?


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  • It's not necessarily a red flag.

    In the back of his mind, he's probably thinking you might bring it up with him, so if he's not into the idea this is what causes him to be uncomfortable about the subject.

    Perhaps you could casually mention how you don't see yourself getting married soon, maybe that'll put him at ease. This issue seems to be for more down the road if anything else.

    • I've already told him that. And also we did discuss we would like to get married someday. Not to each other specifically by so I already know we have similar values in life.

      Why does he always seem to sort of stiffen up even when I told him about not wanting to get married any time soon?
      I'm just aftaid he's stringing me along and maybe discussions about marriage make him feel guilty? We've been seeing eachother for a year now which is probaby a sufficient enough time for a guy to decide if he will ever marry a girl or not

    • How often are you two talking about marriage though?

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  • Marriage is a big step and it makes guys feel uncomfortable to even think of such a big step even if it may take 3 or 4 more years. He will accept it more the longer your relationship lasts and how well it goes.

    I`ve had a girlfriend who started to talk about some other couple having children, it was the most uncomfortable conversation I`ve had in my entire life.

  • Well seeing how nowadays:

    -50 percent of marriages fail and its almost always the man who get screwed.

    -Out of the marriages that fail, women are initiating divorce 80% of the time.

    -Marriage, Divorce, and Family Court laws are anti-male and only favor the female gender.

    Yeah I don't blame your boyfriend or any other man being worried about marriage.

  • He need some time I guess... or not sure about life...
    Pls reply for my question.. in my profile

  • Maybe he doesn't want to get married. I know I cringe at the thought of marriage


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