How do you know if a guy has good intentions with you? Meaning not just there to sleep with you and leave?

So I've been dating a guy for around three months. I like him a lot and the time we spend together. We still haven't slept with each other mainly because I wanted to take it slow being a virgin and all. We fool around, but that's about it. I sleep over he makes me breakfast. We still go out and get dinner and I feel very well taken cared of when I'm with him. I've met his friend and all that. However, we haven't had any talk declaring exclusivity and I feel insecure and unstable with whatever it is we have. Recently my roomate's family was in town and she introduced him as my boyfriend. I asked him if it made him uncomfortable after and he said no.. but I am still hesitant. I don't want to give someone myself... someone I'm not sure about even though I would if I knew he wasn't going to leave right after. I am just confused. Any advice here? Please do tell me your opinions!


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  • Has he given you any reason to distrust him?

    It's a bit unfair to assume the worst. Your concerns are completely understandable though, so maybe you should first talk with him about the state of the relationship since it seems to be the initial point of confusion for you.

    Clear that up, continue to think it over, and I'm sure you'll find for yourself what his intentions are.


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  • Well his introduced you to his mate and not run a mile when the whole boyfriend thing was thrown up. Maybe you need to sit him down and talk. it out.

    Find out where you both stand and where the relationship is going.

    I hope this helps



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  • 3 months seems like a pretty unrealistic long game so you're probably good. Honestly you can never really know tho. I think the biggest blessing in dating girls have is our instinct cuz guys can be fabulous actors and surprisingly patient.

    So go with what you're gut is telling you. If it says he's a nice guy make a leap of faith. If you wanna wait, then wait! Having a conversation with him beforehand would help regardless

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