I've been dating this girl for a few weeks but its not offical bf/gf yet. Last night, we hung out at a park and talked and made out at the end. Everything's normal besides one thing. She is going to a party instead of hanging out with me. I asked her why, and she said that "she wants to meet people". To me, it meant she wants to meet other guys, and I feel disrespected. She's going alone so there's no one to tell me if she hooked up with anyone.

How should I act? and what should I say to her? PLEASE HELP, All answers appreciated THANKS


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  • You should give her the benefit of the doubt. There is nothing here that suggests that she will have infidelity towards you. "... wants to meet people." means exactly that. She wouldn't have been so open about this statement if the 'people' she was referring to meant other guys. If that was the case, she would have tried to hide the fact she is wanting to meet other guys, OR be completely clear about where she stands with you and how she is still on the lookout. Relationships can't work if you can't trust each other and if are really wanting to go out with this girl, you have to actually trust her, or it will never work out. IF she doesn't end up hooking up with other guys, then you are better off without her anyway because she obviously isn't that into you. You deserve to be with someone you know you trust and wouldn't question going to a party.


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  • Since you began dating, on average how often did/do you guys talk, see each other, and date? What kind of girl is she? Attractive with a lot of male attention? Is she a "hook up" kind of girl or a relationship kind? How often did you talk by phone or text? Depending on the answers, we might have a better idea of whether she's worth pursuing, or worth letting go.

    It's hard to say with what you have given. It's certainly plausible that she's not as interested in you as you are to her since she would rather go to a party to "meet people" instead of being with you. You could have done something wrong, OR she is simply not the right kind of girl you are looking for. It depends on the details.