How to find girlfriend?

How people find right girl/guy?
In element school i liked 1 girl but now she is just too different. We never talked much.

In high school same thing
In university there are like 40 girls and 3 guys in same class. It looks like 70-80% girls (age 21-24) has boyfriends and i don´t any girl to be my girlfriend Im shy and lonely most of the time. I don´t want just "random girl". How people find girl or guy? I rarely go to party because im all the time alone. I watch cinema movies alone. I don´t have any real friends. I don´t know... im 21 year old... im so worried.


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  • I'm seventeen and I haven't had a serious relationship yet. I was always available, but was extremely introverted and didn't know any guys, so I wouldn't get asked out of course (only by the creepy stalkers who already knew basically everything about me... Ew no). I decided my junior year of high school to concentrate on improving myself and building greater confidence, self-esteem, and sense of self, and wait until college to date anyone-And less than a week later a guy was into me. I read a study about OkCupid (dating site)'s messaging, and people who had stronger personalities/sense of self were messaged more often, and rated as very attractive, even though they also were more frequently rated as very unattractive.
    Maybe also hang out with some people? Is there an activity you like that has a club at your school? It's relatively easy to talk to people with whom you share the same interests. You don't have to spend time with other people (contrary to popular belief, some people actually like doing things alone sometimes and that's perfectly okay, and being shy isn't a bad thing either; it's just different), but getting to know a few more people is never a bad thing :)
    You sound like a really nice guy (and kind of remind me of myself since I'm such an introvert, an INFJ to be exact)! I also don't have any super close friends either :) I hope you find someone super wonderful to have a relationship with :) if there's anything more that I can do to help let me know! :)


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  • Join societies at uni... that's the easiest way of meeting people. Also don't just assume girls have boyfriends... you'd be surprised. Many people carry this misconception cause it's just easier to convince yourself of that. But I hardly doubt that many girls are taken. Especially at uni. I don't know how it is over there but over here many people are still in the party, freedom mentaility and don't want to tie down. Which is why I haven't managed to find a boyfriend at uni in 2 friggen years... they all just want to have fun with no commitments and nope, it's not the kind of guys I choose. Even the nerdy ones here have a mentality of "later but not now" when it comes to relationships.

    Also when you're in class, go sit next to a girl and start a conversation. I cannot tell you how happy I am when anyone sits next to me in class and just starts talking. I also try to do this from time to time but when someone else does it it just makes me feel happy and like I've been noticed. Only a bitch will not like someone be friendly towards them so keep that in mind. You want a nice girl I'd assume and any decent girl will appreciate someone talking to them.


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  • Lets see, here's my view on things, (how i more or less would go about it). First things first, you have to do recon, you need to know whose available and whose not. Secondly, pick one! Follow the universal rules of choosing a girl (which evidently is a thing now), go by comparability, rather or not they meet your standards.. distance (if maybe their not native or maybe are foreign exchange, visa, what have you). Try to have an idea of what you may be getting youself into (are they going to be expensive? too clingy? not caring enough? untrustworthy?) Don't be afraid to go after someone slightly challenging even, may be worth it. THIRDLY, improve your relationship, talk more often, become closer friends. when the time is getting close, i personally like to take time and try to plan out how to make the final move, how to ask her out etc. It really just comes by feel since every interaction w/ a person is different. Its very important to build up the to just be engaged and active in a relationship, i like to break the ice with puns, or something funny, thats always a good way to start a conversation. just try to have topics in your head already to keep it rolling. you have to just throw yourself at it, don't think about it too much right before doing it, just spontaneously do it, and it just may flow for you. hope was somewhat helpful

  • When you find out please let me know.

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