She blew me off now what?

So. I asked this girl out and she was with it. We started texting each other a lot and I have to admit I starting to like her. So the first time she said she had to go out of town but she would have like to gone out with me instead. So I was okay with it cause she was goin with her family. Now it's this week. And she cancels the day of and she says maybe next week. I'm not sure what to do at this point. I am dating other girls but I canceled one of my dates just to go out with her on this day. I liked this girl. Should I just not ask her out any more. Wen she told me maybe next weekend. I just said alright. And I havnt texted her since. But I know she's gona text soon. So I want to know what to say.


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  • keep it cool, If she blows you off again then you know she is not that interested. So text her like you casually do, not need to act any differently.


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