How do I tell whether I should make a move?

My next door neighbour and I are kinda close friends, and my friend recently started telling me he liked me. She's never met him, but she looked through our conversations on facebook, and thinks he does. He's 3 years older than me (I'm 13, he's 15) and he really cares about my life (he's like my therapist!). I tell him everything. He got really mad the other day, and stopped talking to me, and his final message said something like "I care too much about you. I can't deal with this", because I am being bullied. I recently realised that I might have feelings for him. I'm just unsure whether he likes me! Feel free to ask me anymore further questions in the comments or over chat!


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  • ya.. he loves u.. boys are much straight when comes to love... he mostly loves u...
    can u reply for my question? pls check my profile


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