Which way is the right way for a man to behave in this situation?

Would you be mad I'f he did this?
If you dated a guy that you had kissed and slept with and he stopped talking to you all of the suddent because he didn't liven in your town and had a lot going on and than after six months contacted you because he moved to your town and met up with you , than kissed you , would you have been mad at him?

Or would you have liked I'f he didn't kiss you but only spent time with you, because it had been six months since you two had met?

Guys what is the right way? Does he respect and take her seriously if it was the first way?


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  • Yes, he was disrespectful oto think he could ignore his disappearing act and move in on you immediately upon getting back to town., He treated you like the proverbial 'girl in the port.'

    • Ok good to know, because thats not what he did, he didn't kiss me when we met again, so he wasn't being disrespecful?

    • Yes, he realized you had to deal with having dumped you previously...

    • cause i was a bit upset that he didn't kiss me but than i was like wait its a good thing that he didn't

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  • For lack of better words he's treating you like a side girl from another town. I would have confronted him immediately for pulling off that disappearing act. Unless he was dealing with some issues that required him to drop everything and focus on a severe situation then he has no excuse to just cut off contact with you without even giving an update.

    • Well he didn't talk to me because 1: he didn't live in my town 2: he applied for his masters at harvard, 3: he had a lot going on with work, traveling, school, and moving situation
      and now he ended up for his masters in my town so i do understand him disappearing and his ex of 6 years is pregnant etc etc,

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    • If that's the case then forget what I said. Yes, he should have given you an update on his situation every now and then, that much is true, but from what you said it sounds like he just needed some time for himself and didn't really want to deal with a relationship so that way he could focus on his schooling and situation with his pregnant ex. I wouldn't hold it over his head really. If there is no friction between you two now I would just put it behind you and re establish your relationship if both of you are willing to do so.

    • Very true :) no friction and things were great when i met him. IM afraid to get hurt thats it, he said yes to meet again after my trip so i guess that is a good sign, and if he isn't interested in any way he wouldn't bothered contacting me?

  • Confusing. He disappeared, then reappeared? First logical thing would seem to be giving some explanations on what happened. I mean, the guy left, ok, but disappearing and leaving are not the same. Did he stay in touch? If he didn't, he just came back and "hey, how are you", kiss/no kiss?

    I'd ask for some explaining... and I'm pretty sure he'd be expecting some of that.

    • He lett and no contact for six months.. he said he had a lot going on and wasn't looking for something serious at that time.. well now he is back and has figured out things and isn't as stressed.. I get it I do but I was hurt. He didn't kiss me when I met him I was just wondering if he had would that have been disrespectful?

    • I don't think it has much to do with respect... maybe he's been cautious if he doesn't want to hurt you, then again, no contact for 6 months, maybe he didn't feel the context was right for kissing you?

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