Does he have some sort of problem with me? why would he leave? explain please?

there is this guy who gets really quiet whenever i try to talk to him so much so our conversations quickly turn awkward because he rarely says anything. a lot of times he even goes out of his way to avoid me but then there are moments he says hi on his own, but thats very rare. so a couple of days ago i saw him again after a while and i just ignored him and didn't act like i noticed. well a couple days later i was on the bus and looking outside and i turn my head to see him standing there at the stop and staring. i turned my head around and he got on the bus but the strange thing is he got off the next stop - we have to take the subway after the bus ride to get home from school. you would then think he had something to do at the stop but when i got to the last station from the subway ride i saw his ride waiting for him meaning he got off my bus to get the next one instead of just staying on mine. why would he even get on initially if he didn't want to go on the ride with me? we do run into eachother a lot so does he think im stalking him or something like that? or am i thinking too much

ps we both are 20


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  • Well... why don't you ask the guy? it seems he's interested but can't tell because of all the running he does. Are you into him enough to ask him? If you're not... might as well let the guy find his timing, or just move on...

  • Well jeez how the hell are we supposed to know hahaha, seems like he's interested but running away at the same time haaa. Maybe he is really scared of socializing.


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